What is there to do here?? This is the first stop that everyone has to do to go to train into Gujarat or to go from Rasasthan to Bombay – no wonder no stays to see the rest of Gujarat.

I’ve been here since 6 am this morning and I’m bored out of my mind… I went to the Taj hotel, went swimming, went to look at some sights which compared to Rajasthan are pretty lame, and now am just surfing the web. The city is crazy busy (really well developed though) and everyone is pushy and scamming and always seem to be yelling when they speak in Gujarati – even when they’re just chatting… annoying as hell.

And since there are barely any tourists, it’s a complete flip from Rajasthan where everything is geared towards tourists.

One bright spot though was Gandhi’s Ashram – again Gandhi saves the trip – really quiet and mellow place, but it’s closed now so have to figure out what to do for the 6 hours till my train leaves… definitely not a city that needs to be visited.