MSN Spaces

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so i finally got around to setting up an MSN Space and have put it under the same name as The Funk Stop Overall, MSN makes it very easy to set up initially, but its way too cluttered (i have this complaint for MySpace too…). there’s way too much to do but the main prob … Read More

Book Review: Shadow in the Wind

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Shadow in the Wind: ***1/2 stars i actually finished this book while i was still in india, and had written this up in a notepad, but am only getting around to copying it over now. ok, ok, so it isn’t necessarily a book that would first come to mind when traveling India, but hey, India … Read More

Garmin GPS e-trex

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not a bad device for the absolute basics. but not the best either. it doesn’t perform basic things such as real distance. for example. when traveling from point A to B, if direct point to point with equal elevation is 100 meters, it will record it as that. but if point B is 100 meters … Read More

Thailand 2002

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I finally got around to posting my pics from my first trip to Thailand (and only my second Asian city besides Tokyo) in 2002. I know I got more pics of Thailand somewhere…

not a happy camper…

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i just got home and wanted to listen to some music before hitting the sack. the first choice – warren G, regulate – so i opened the case and the cd wasn’t there… ok, stayed calm, and picked another one – Maxwell, urban hang suite… openned the case, and the same thing! cd was missing… … Read More

India Route

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I finally got the data of my GPS and created a Google Earth map. in the next couple of days i’ll start creating a mashup and linking pictures. For now, there are quicklinks below the map quick links to pics Bombay Pune Goa Hyderabad Khajuraho Varanasi Lucknow Taj Fatepur Sikri Jaipur Pushkar Jodhpur Jaisalmer Udaipur … Read More

My new hero!!

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Rahim Jiwani is my new hero – if you want to know why – email him and ask him about Butternut Squash soup…

Someone Bail me out

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So i’ve got distressing news – I was arrested today… I got caught for j-walking, and since i didn’t have my ID, i was taken in to the station where they fingerprinted me, and found some outstanding items from university days and so now they’ve taken my mug shots. I’m still here since i was … Read More