Brunch Review: La Bréhandaise crêperie

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Looking for a bit of ‘joie de vivre‘ for brunch? take a trip out to Queen West just past Shaw St, for a visit to La Bréhandaise crêperie to indulge in traditional french galettes (buckwheat crepes), french wines, or if you prefer to stay local, quebec apple cider and cheeses.  From the first step in, you’ll … Read More

Comfort Food

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I haven’t written about a restaurant for a while, but last night I ventured out to Leslieville (my favourite neighbourhood for the past 4 years), and visited Hanoi 3 Seasons again, and had to spread the good word. If you’ve been following my choice restaurants, then by now, you’ll know that I opt for the … Read More

Oyster Boy – 4 stars

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This is an awesome restaurant! it’s a small tiny place on Queen St West near Shaw, across from the Candy Lofts. Here’s an exact map of it. I personally think that Toronto needs more of these intimate, cozy, and hidden away gems. In contrast to the over-designed, soon-to-be tacky looking places popping up all over … Read More

Pop culture

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We went to go see Aladin a few days ago – a pretty good show, even though we received the tickets for free… I’m not sure if I would’ve paid the $49 that they normally ask. Actually, I’m positive, I would not… but I would pay $20-$25 for one. It’s worth it just to see … Read More

First snow

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we had a our first real snow fall – by ‘real’, i mean snow fall where the snow actually stayed and left more than an inch on the ground. Actually we had about 3 inches. i had to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk — I actually didn’t mind it! it was freezing, but kinda … Read More

All that Jazz

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I went to an incredible concert put on by Jazz by Genre yesterday…. get ready for it… Guru! basically the godfather of hiphop-jazz! it was the the JAM! he’s gotta be one of my all time favourites! and he had a wicked band with him – superproducer Solar, David Scott (guitar) and DJ Doo Wop, … Read More

Life in my Locale

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Despite my earlier reluctance about MSN’s Web2.0 offerings, I decided to try out their new Live Local after reading so many good things about it (particularly on Farhan Thawar’s blog).

My goal was to place all of my Restaurants into a list that can be displayed on a map. I was actually pleasantly surprised

Porter me away!

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I just took a flight on Porter Airways from Toronto City Airport to Ottawa – it was amazing! The service was great – it was easy – none of the crowds that you get at Pearson. The cost was great. The terminal at City Airport has been re done so that it compares to being … Read More