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previously i wrote about the cost of living and metrics in other cities recently, i’ve been seeing other articles about it and it got me thinking about other indexes and ways of measuring cost of living – one of the most common indexes is the burgernomics metric that the Economist puts out. The argument is … Read More


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man – i was excited to go to this place – a conveyor belt sushi bar (kaiten-sushi)!  Toronto finally has an establishment which took over other parts of the world in the 90s… Well unfortunately in this case, late is definitely last…i gotta say – this place is pretty bad.  first to start off with, the atmosphere was … Read More

Fish ‘n Chips and Vinegar, Vinegar, Vinegar…

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Shocking to some i’m sure, but I confess that I actually miss london loads. i miss the buzz, the crowds on the streets, the indulgence of excess in nearly everything, and sadly even the general indifference towards poor service…

open your stomach and your heart will follow

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as most of my friends know, i’m a glutton for food… I love trying new foods, going to new restaurants, and sampling new cuisines .. and i don’t mean to sample by foraying into the ‘hip and trendy, IT spot for this month’ type restaurants, but restaurants that…

wireless toronto

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Toronto’s free downtown wi-fi – www.onezone.ca – has been live for about a month – but i’m only using it for the first time now. I wonder how useful this service really is – I’m sitting in Dundas Square trying to use the hotspot here, and while the weather isn’t that bad today, it’ll only … Read More

Nuite Blanche

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Picture taken by Mute* Just to prove that Toronto isn’t lackin in culture – the city pulled of one the coolest events ever yesterday – I’d have to say that it definitely ranks in the top 3 if not the absolute top event i’ve ever been to. Nuite Blanche just took over the downtown core yesterday … Read More

TIFF 2006 Movie: Mainline

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Rating: 7.5/10 ok i have to admit i’m weak – if i was in the position of the family in this movie, i think i’d be tempted to help the child commit suicide – i don’t think i would be able to watch the agony and misery they’re going through. This movie seemed to go … Read More

TIFF 2006 Movie: Saraphim Falls

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Rating: 3/10 This movie sucked – first I wasn’t expecting much to begin with since my friend had told me that Saraphim Falls it was a slow movie about two cowboys in the early part of the century – i imagined a brokeback knockoff and wasn’t expecting too much. It stared Pierce Bronson and Liam … Read More

TIFF 2006 Movie: The Namesake

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Rating: 9/10 When I was backpacking around India earlier this year, a lot of people told me to read The Namesake but being the lazy guy that I am, I didn’t want to carry the extra weight (the book probably weighs over a pound if not two…). So when we went to go see this … Read More

Cost of Living

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man – i just took a look at a recent Mercer report about the cost of living across of the world. http://www.finfacts.com/costofliving.htm Toronto is about 20% cheaper than NYC and more than 30% cheaper than London. and although everyone keeps saying that there is a difference in costs, there isn’t that much difference in the … Read More