All that Jazz

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I went to an incredible concert put on by Jazz by Genre yesterday….

get ready for it…

Guru! basically the godfather of hiphop-jazz! it was the the JAM! he’s gotta be one of my all time favourites! and he had a wicked band with him – superproducer Solar, David Scott (guitar) and DJ Doo Wop, with Kellylee Evans (vocals), Zaki Ibrahim (vocals) and the live acoustic Toronto Jazzmatazz All-Stars featuring Nick “Brownman” Ali (trumpet), Sundar Viswanathan (sax), Colin Kingsmore (drums) and Mark Rogers (bassist from the Philosopher Kings) !!

and he even pulled out some old Gangstarr tracks!

i can’t wait for his Jazzmatazz Vol 4 – supposed to be out in early 2008.


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