Upgrading Synology 412j+ Storage Capacity

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About 2 years ago, I bought a couple of hard drives at bargain basement prices. At the same time, we were moving, so I put them into a storage box, and after the move, I forgot about them. This weekend, I came across them, and thought – ‘Hey! this could be a fun weekend project!’ … Read More

Fix Corrupted Time Machine Backups

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Time Machine Verification Error

If you find these instructions valuable, please provide some feedback and/or comments so that I can feel good about myself 🙂 This past couple months have been a time of experimenting and cleaning up household ‘tech debt’. I’ve had a couple of old laptops that had had met untimely deaths and still needed to have … Read More

Series of un-funk-tunate events

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WAY back in Dec 2007, my site crashed and I had to take it down. I’m only getting around to actually putting up now (as part of my health theme for the year) a number of events contributed to demise of the funkstop for the past nearly 2 years. 1. Somehow, the mysql tables for … Read More