Goodnight Facebook, Goodnight Twitter, Goodnight noises…

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Goodnight Twitter, Goodnight Facebook, Goodnight noises everywhere… It’s time to say goodnight to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other different social media dopamine sites out there. Not because I don’t like them necessarily, but more just because it is time to stop the noises everywhere and lean more towards growth and learning which those … Read More

Upgrading Synology 412j+ Storage Capacity

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About 2 years ago, I bought a couple of hard drives at bargain basement prices. At the same time, we were moving, so I put them into a storage box, and after the move, I forgot about them. This weekend, I came across them, and thought – ‘Hey! this could be a fun weekend project!’ … Read More

Bumper Car Highways

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I just finished reading an article in Wired with Will Ferrell, taking stock of all the fantastical and imagined Jetson-like lifestyles we expected to be living by now. Will Farrell added in his commentary of what he wished had materialized by now with some amusing propositions such as automatic dog translators and underwater cities.  In the essence of … Read More