Plaxo Buildup

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A few years ago, I registered for Plaxo (I’m positive it was pre 2003) – it seemed like an ideal service – help me keep my contacts insync and updated as long as my contacts opt to sign into it as well. Well, that was until I started to realize some of the negative nuances … Read More

Pop culture

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We went to go see Aladin a few days ago – a pretty good show, even though we received the tickets for free… I’m not sure if I would’ve paid the $49 that they normally ask. Actually, I’m positive, I would not… but I would pay $20-$25 for one. It’s worth it just to see … Read More

Book Review: The Successor – ***1/2 stars

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I got my wish – a great read, that I could just get lost in. I read this book in a matter of days, but not because it was simple – Kadare’s writing style is actually different than anything i’ve read before, with…

More Bling: MyBlog Widget

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I’ve been using for awhile now and generally like it so far so I’ve put up their widget.  I’m don’t really mind that they are recording everywhere I go within their member’s sites, but I don’t like that they add you to communities proactively. I received an email that my usage patterns indicate that I … Read More

What’s Funky?

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I got a message from jimdwalton on myblog asking me how I define funk . so I thought i’d give it a try… While I think originally it meant some kinda smell – the first thing that most people think of is music – big in the 60s and 70s and couldn’t be defined when it emerged – … Read More

My third post with Windows Live Writer

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i’m trying this out again and adjusting the date to see what happens. I’m setting the date for 5 days earlier – Dec 5 at 12:02pm.  another gripe i got with Live Writer though, is how long it takes to start up.  almost as much as starting up Word. 

First snow

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we had a our first real snow fall – by ‘real’, i mean snow fall where the snow actually stayed and left more than an inch on the ground. Actually we had about 3 inches. i had to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk — I actually didn’t mind it! it was freezing, but kinda … Read More

All that Jazz

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I went to an incredible concert put on by Jazz by Genre yesterday…. get ready for it… Guru! basically the godfather of hiphop-jazz! it was the the JAM! he’s gotta be one of my all time favourites! and he had a wicked band with him – superproducer Solar, David Scott (guitar) and DJ Doo Wop, … Read More

My second post with Windows Live

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I tried my first one yesterday but I couldn’t find it.  I assumed that it didn’t work but i later realized that for some reason, it posted it to November 30th, 1999!  i had tried adjusting the properties to post 2 hours earlier than when I was actually typing so I don’t know if that … Read More