My next Venture: SnapMake

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Today, I am happy to announce my next chapter — SnapMake.  After of hours of Post Its, MVPs, pivots, scrum of scrums, and ‘feeling the customer’, we have secured our Series A round of funding from Gaelsofo Capital.  We are excited about this opportunity to open offices in downtown San Francisco, recruit the most talented … Read More

Book Review: Zero Gravity 3*

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Zero Gravity: Riding Venture Capital from High-Tech Start-up to Breakout IPO I read this book years ago when it first came out (in 2000). I sometimes like to read these types of books again, just to gain perspective. There is so much in this book that is just second nature to people now such as … Read More

Red Herring Conf

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was ok – Ray Lane spoke at the keynote on the first night dinner. There was a lot of discussion about his comment of in the near future we would be walking around with 100 GB on your belt – I don’t know if I agree with that. I wouldn’t want 100 GB on my … Read More

Mechanical Turk can’t solve everything

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I like it when I see Web 1.0 companies rollout new and innovative services. Last week, Amazon launched a new service, Mechanical Turk. According to their about pages, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk ‘solves the problem of building applications that have not worked well because they lack human intelligence’ – all those nay sayers of computers must … Read More

VCs on the couch

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David Hornik’s post VCitis at VentureBlog is one of the most amusing that I’ve read in a while. Definitely worth the read – especially for all my VC friends 😉