In London for an extra day…

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Crazy energetic, but crazy expensive too! It cost me 4 quid for a zone 1 tube ticket! That’s nearly $10!! When I moved away from London it was only 2.30 pounds which was stupid expensive as it is… but this is crazy. I found out afterwards, that they have this thing called an Oyster card … Read More

And I’m off…

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This week was way too hectic – I’m not feeling settled and knowing that I’m leaving for Addis Ababa in a day is keeping me up at nights – I don’t feel prepared whatsoever. Not because of lack of prep from the UN – in fact in that respect, they are leagues ahead of AKDN … Read More

Oyster Boy – 4 stars

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This is an awesome restaurant! it’s a small tiny place on Queen St West near Shaw, across from the Candy Lofts. Here’s an exact map of it. I personally think that Toronto needs more of these intimate, cozy, and hidden away gems. In contrast to the over-designed, soon-to-be tacky looking places popping up all over … Read More


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760!! and a 6.0! not bad for 1 month crunching!


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To me the purchase MyBlogLog by Yahoo is a sign of ‘irrational exuberance‘ similar to that of the late 90s tech bubble. I really question the validity of MyBlogLog and some of the other ‘social networking’ sites. Is MyBlogLog providing real value? It’s a site that let’s people stoke their egos and try to garner … Read More

External DVD Writer – Build vs Buy?

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I’ve been on the hunt to get an external DVD burner for my machines. The problem: I got one PC running Windows 2000 , one Mac running OS X Panther (10.3.9) and another machine which I’m running Linux DSL on. but I only wanted to buy one burner and i’ve been trying to scrounge on … Read More

new RIM blackberry

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so RIM’s shares have jumped over 10% today apparently based on rumours that they’re putting out a new device… wacko… RIM is now trading at a 56 P/E ratio. Here’s info on the device that I got forwarded from AK today. To be released shortly and likely will be called: Blackberry 8900c. Basically, take the … Read More