Oh Man, Oman!

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Oman has got to be the sleepiest place i’ve ever been… well I only had a chance to check out the Muscat region – but it was still boring… really beautiful with white washed houses all less than four stories, and surrounded with mountains, trees and the ocean – but dead boring… The most excitement I had is when I … Read More

Authentic Ethiopian

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To be honest, although I really like it now, I wasn’t a huge fan of Ethiopian food when i first tried it… i found the tastes completely different to what i would expect – but the atmosphere of going to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant is a lot of fun… I had to go again before leaving just to get … Read More

Watch out goat – the good times are over

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Up until Easter last weekend, most Ethiopians had been fasting for the previous 55 days…kinda like Lent, but stricter and longer… they basically don’t eat anything until 6pm each day (some break their fast at 3pm), and then even after that they won’t eat any meat or meat by-products.  I haven’t really understood the reasoning – some … Read More