LIME Framework: Give Your Mental Health a Tight Squeeze

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(Learn-Indulge-Mental clarity-Execute) Over time I have come up with my own (non scientific) formula which I’ve termed: LIME. These are not distinct habits and in practice overlap and intertwine with each other. Habit 1: Learn everything. I needed to learn to recognize feelings, and I didn’t know how to do this initially. This isn’t just … Read More

Goodnight Facebook, Goodnight Twitter, Goodnight noises…

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Goodnight Twitter, Goodnight Facebook, Goodnight noises everywhere… It’s time to say goodnight to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other different social media dopamine sites out there. Not because I don’t like them necessarily, but more just because it is time to stop the noises everywhere and lean more towards growth and learning which those … Read More

The Lighter side of Fat

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I weighed my self a few days ago – and I’m down to 215lbs but my body fat percentage went up from 28% to 29%  — WTF?? So I’m losing weight but gaining fat?? or am I killing my muscle mass? This is usually around the point I get demotivated.  It’s  been 3 weeks that … Read More