I weighed my self a few days ago – and I’m down to 215lbs but my body fat percentage went up from 28% to 29%  — WTF?? So I’m losing weight but gaining fat?? or am I killing my muscle mass?

This is usually around the point I get demotivated.  It’s  been 3 weeks that I’ve been on this challenge –  I’ve feel like I have no energy, I’m running out of food options (how many damn salads can you eat??), and feel that I’m not seeing the progress I was expecting yet.  But I’m determined to keep going! There have been a few days where I was leaning towards skipping the gym but tweets (@funkstop), emails or FB messages motivated me to get off my butt and keep going.  Thanks people!  We got 4 others on here on this challenge  – how are you all doing??

I think that weight going down but fat going up is due to my diet and not my exercise routine. So I’m going to renew my efforts to use fitday.com to keep a food journal (haven’t really been diligent on that so far), and then I’m going to post it for feedback.

As it is, my biggest problem is getting from lunch to dinner.  For breakfast, I routinely eat a bowl of oatmeal with a bit of sugar, a some raisins,walnuts, and sliced strawberries.  Mid-morning, I’ll have an apple or banana, and then lunch either a salad with grilled chicken or something similar (i’ve cut out the meals with sauces or fried foods). After lunch though is where it gets tough! I usually am not out of the office until about 7pm but our cafes shut at 2:30 and I end up surviving on a couple cups of coffee and mixed nuts until I go home for usually a protein heavy dinner.  On the plus side, I’ve increased my water intake from near zero to almost 1.5L/day. still not enough i don’t think….

Thoughts? I want to reach this point that they call ‘shredding’… I was thinking of trying out some zone meals too

Oh and also on the plus side – aside from the two coffees I have in the afternoons, I’ve completely cut it out (for now!). No more lattes, mochas, tassimos!  That’s been one of the toughest to give up!