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Welcome to Funkstop’s Product Management Link List!

I’ve often found myself doing a search on certain aspects of Product management. I generally come across the same articles, and after reading them again, I usually extract a tidbit of information I had forgotten which helps me through a particular challenge.
Rather than go through the pain of constantly searching, I figured I’d compile the various articles that I find useful here.  Over the years, I’ve found myself sending these links out to others that I’m mentoring and so I thought it would be useful for others too.
Do you have links that you find useful? If so, please add them to this as well.  Let me know your thoughts!


Strategy/ Vision / Product Definition
Prioritization / Roadmapping
Operations/Execution — at the end of the day, if you can’t execute, then you are not a PM
General Product Management
Platform — being a PM for a Platform brings it’s own unique challenges
Lists  – because you can never have enough lists!

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