Project 12: Month 3 Meal: Bob’s Nasi Goreng

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Month 3 – here we go! (I’ll get the previous month’s up soon…) The basic premise behind Project 12 is, as part of my #biggestwinner efforts, to create one dish a month which hopefully others will tell me ‘Yay-or-Nay’ in terms of health… plus it keeps me practicing cooking… Goal this time was to use … Read More

Trust me

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This past week was a tough one at work… it’s well known now that we laid off about 4% of employees. I was actually pretty impressed with how well it was handled. The transparency, the consideration and support given, and overall reasoning was well explained and executed.  Regardless though, you know that those who were … Read More

The Lighter side of Fat

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I weighed my self a few days ago – and I’m down to 215lbs but my body fat percentage went up from 28% to 29%  — WTF?? So I’m losing weight but gaining fat?? or am I killing my muscle mass? This is usually around the point I get demotivated.  It’s  been 3 weeks that … Read More

Comfort Food

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I haven’t written about a restaurant for a while, but last night I ventured out to Leslieville (my favourite neighbourhood for the past 4 years), and visited Hanoi 3 Seasons again, and had to spread the good word. If you’ve been following my choice restaurants, then by now, you’ll know that I opt for the … Read More

Help Me with my Resolutions!

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This weekend was Navroz (Persian New Year) , which is when I normally start my resolutions for the year.  This year I tried starting them like normal people on Jan 1st, and now that Navroz and a bit more than 2.5 months of 2009 have passed, I’m assessing how my theme for the year is going. … Read More


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Girl(fairly senior in an NGO here): FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is very common around these countries because there are a lot of Muslims here. Me: ? What does Muslim have to do with it? Girl: The Muslim tribes say they perfrom FGM because of their religion. Me: Just ‘cuz they say something, doesn’t make it true… … Read More