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I haven’t written about a restaurant for a while, but last night I ventured out to Leslieville (my favourite neighbourhood for the past 4 years), and visited Hanoi 3 Seasons again, and had to spread the good word. If you’ve been following my choice restaurants, then by now, you’ll know that I opt for the more mom and pop type places than the overly manufactured joints. 

 Hanoi 3 Seasons fits right in.  It is the sequel restaurant to their greatly reviewed location on Gerrard, with the difference that the Gerrard location caters more to the lunch crowd.  The one on Queen East, seems more of an evening bistro hangout – stop in, chat with the friendly staff, and order some no hassle Vietnamese soups to warm the heart. Perfect for me today as I’m trying to fend off the beginnings of a cold.  Be warned though – the portions are enormous! The atmosphere is warming too.

I’ve never been to Vietnam (yet!) but the decor reflects the stereotypes I’ve seen! Wooden tables and benches dotted with French inspired bistro chairs. The fan circulating a warm breeze is a nice touch too.  We started off with the Goi Cuon (Fresh Shrimp Rolls) which to be truthful were a bit heavy on the coriander… main dish, Bun Bo Hue (Hue Citadel’s Famous Beef Soup). Last time we got the Bun Cha Muc (Calamari Patties with Dill Soup), and I’m hard pressed to say which is better – both were great.  Stupidly though, we ordered a dish each (remember, I said they were enormous…) so next up was the Pho bo vien (Beef Meatballs Soup).  This was exactly what the doctored ordered! A steaming bowl of pho and broth accompanied with slices of beef meatballs and sprinkled with Bean sprouts.  Not too heavy to upset a sick stomach but filling and tasty – felt like comfort food!  And to make sure I had enough liquids (you have to have lots of liquids when you’re feeling a bit under the weather), I ordered mango smoothie followed by a strawberry smoothie… they were made with fresh fruits! I could’ve stayed there all day!  I have definitely found my new comfort food resto.

Everytime, I’m feeling like I just want a hot bowl of steaming soup – Hanoi 3 Seasons is going to be my choice.

Where’s your comfort food hangout?

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