Project 12: Meal 8: Kuku Paka, Samosas, Parothas, and Mango ras

This is all that is left of the Eid Dinner (yes, I had it one week late…)  — Every Eid, I reminisce of being a 10 year old and try to make my favourites that my aunt’s used to make when I was a kid… I doubt I’ll ever be able to match but I continue to try…  Today, I had my family over to celebrate, and I’m taking it as a +1 that almost all of it was finished!

KukuPakaThis was the menu: Kuku Paka, Baked Samosas, and parothas… ending with mango ras (basically a mango pulp smoothie…).

But this time, I ain’t giving the recipe… ancient chinese secret (and partially because this meal doesn’t really fit into the ‘healthy’ category for this project..).

I’ll confess, that I bought the samosas and parothas frozen and just had to bake them. But not giving up the Kuku Paka recipe… and that’s the golden touch of the menu!  Mixture of recipes from my mom, aunts, and a few books.  Maybe next time you’ll be in the same town to try it out 😛

** If you’re curious of what Kuku Paka is – it’s an East African/Swahili/Indian dish. Coconut curry with Chicken.  for a recipe, try A Spicy Touch Volume I by Noorbanu Nimji . My recipe is different (and I would argue better :D).

One thought on “Project 12: Meal 8: Kuku Paka, Samosas, Parothas, and Mango ras

  1. Ha! nice try! I thought Pierre was American.. or maybe even English 😀 I ain’t Indian _or_ East African… I’m Canadian..

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