The Favour Bank

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Bank Error in your Favor (Monopoly)

I can’t exactly remember when it was, but some time in 2000 after I had been living in London for a couple years, I met this American girl named Julie (I can’t believe I’ve forgotten her last name! but she worked at the Pizza Express near Camden Market, in case she ever stumbles upon this … Read More

Make your mark

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I don’t hear your desire Knocking down trees, kindling a fire Don’t confuse my negative as thinking it’s dire I simply aspire The layers of anguish, that languish, burn and crash through The mountain top is my next stop You can’t imagine the flare Scorching the sky forcing you to stare In awe, quivering in … Read More

Reference Points

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Two Stupid Chickens

I’ve been traveling to Seattle often lately to work with one of my Engineering teams. I was warned about the rain and how it would be depressing, but I was sure it wouldn’t be. ‘I lived in London for 5 years, and everyone warned me about the same thing’, I said. ‘The rain never bothered … Read More

Here We Go: Blogging Again

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I Blog because I'm Not a Good Rapper

So I figured to start out on this again the way I did almost 15 years ago… to just start sharing my thoughts. I recall sending emails and posting on sites that existed back then (‘Future project reminder: find those emails and posts and collate them!’). I remember trailing off around 2010. My blog was … Read More

Seeing the Trees as well as the Forest

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In my alternate dream world, I live immersed in a world of arts and culture — traveling from gallery to gallery or show to show, allowing myself to get lost in the creativity. Over the past few years, I’ve been delving back into exploring my first love: Art – music, painting, photography. The creativity that … Read More