TIFF Movie: Water

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Just got back from the Toronto International Film Festival opening, featuring Deepa Mehta’s latest movie from her elements trilogy – Water. A great choice by far. If there is anything that I could say was a fault with the movie, it was that there seemed to be too many sub story lines. The movie takes … Read More

Whatchya say about my Mama?? – four stars

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I’ve been meaning to write for awhile about one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto – Joe Mama’s. Located on King West, they serve a mix of high end Cajun/Southern food – one of the best places for food by far. The best part is that in the bar area, on Wed-Sat they have live … Read More

Toronto’s abysmal skyline

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Toronto used to have one of the best looking skylines when driving in from the west of the city. Towering over the city was the CN Tower and at night, glowing next to it was the world’s first retractable dome, the Skydome (shamefully now called the Rogers Centre). In last view years though, Toronto’s zealous … Read More

Book Review: A Bed of Flowers

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This book was written by a friend, Nelofer Pazira. It’s a great read – it’s a semi-autobiographical account of her life growing up in Afghanistan under the Communist/Russian regimes, the civil war, the Mujahudeen, the Taliban, – it’s not so much a historical reference, but rather an account from her view, of the hardships and … Read More


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Last day in London… didn’t expect to feel this sad about it..

Maybe Reading is a bad thing…

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I’m in Florence right now, walking the streets, checking out the art, etc – and well, I’ve been scared witless when walking down some of the streets at night! I’m in the middle of reading The DaVinci Code, and while the book takes place in London and Paris, the whole theme about mysterious church groups … Read More

Richard Parker is real

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WARNING: Potential Spoilers. Life of Pi has got to be one of the best books that I have ever read. It blows my mind away to think about the different levels of the book. A story within a story, one that you want to be real, and the other you want to be false, and … Read More

My first post with Windows Live Writer

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seems pretty good so far – gives me all the functionality i need plus more. picked up all my settings from wordpress although the alignment is a bit messed up in the editor.  let’s see if it corrects itself on the post