The onion and the WH

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The Onion is one of my favourite sites and thanks to the White House, a lot more people are probably going to start reading it… I’m not sure what the logic behind making a big hoopla about the onion using the white house seal is – if anything all this does is draw more attention … Read More

Still the greatest!

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The amount of cash that current sports players can make is phenomenal even if they aren’t that great in their game (Anna Kornakova….case and point…) – earlier stars, of when some argue sports were more pure, didn’t make nearly as much off the playing field – it – hopefully the greatest Mohammad Ali can change … Read More

Microsoft’s loss is Apple’s gain

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Well since my Sony Vaio is toast right now and it is a sunday so I can’t get some of the items that I need to work on getting my data of the harddrive, I’ve pulled out my good old Powerbook and I’m

Smurfs join Unicef

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Well, it is sad, but it seems that seeing tiny little cartoons killed by war, has more of an effect on us now than actually hearing about real children dying in war. Unicef has released a video of Smurfs being attacked where Smurfs (including Smurfette) die, ending with the Caption: Do not let war destroy … Read More


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So it seems that my mother’s advice wasn’t based on old superstitious mumbo jumbo… According to this article, eating fish can actually help your brain because of the omega-3 fatty acids – Fishy stuff. So the question becomes, will the rate at which the omega-3 acids help your brain be slower or faster than the … Read More

Curry and Rice girl

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another track from vikram and luda(krishna)…. check it out at too funny…

Blame the system man, not the player..

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Top state schools colonised by middle classes Further proof that the UK education system (along with their health system and their transpo system) is messed up… You can’t blame a parent if they do what they have to, to ensure that their kid gets the best education.. they pay taxes too don’t they. Sure something … Read More


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Contrary to what many believe, science is not incompatible with Islam – in fact, science is fully accepted by Islam since it is considered further proof of God’s incredible creations. That being said, I have always argued that using the lunar calendar makes no sense, since the solar calendar (specifically the Gregorian calendar) is more … Read More

Book Review: The Zahir

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I just finished The Zahir by Paulo Coehlo. Not satisfied at all!! NOTE: SPOILER POTENTIAL – Don’t read past this if you don’t want to know anything about the book! I completely enjoyed the book until the final 30 pages or so. Up until that point, the book provided me with what I’m used to … Read More

TIFF Movie: Romance and Cigarettes

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By far the best movie I’ve seen in long time. I knew that there were a lot of big names in the movie, but I had no idea what the movie was about. I was on the ground laughing my ass off when in the first 15min James Gandolfini (who will always seem like Tony … Read More