Here We Go: Blogging Again

I Blog because I'm Not a Good Rapper
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I Blog because I'm Not a Good Rapper

So I figured to start out on this again the way I did almost 15 years ago… to just start sharing my thoughts. I recall sending emails and posting on sites that existed back then (‘Future project reminder: find those emails and posts and collate them!’). I remember trailing off around 2010. My blog was hit with a MySQL bug and I lost all comments and many of my posts. Rather than starting up again, I felt that there was already so much content out there and I didn’t see a need for me to add.

As time has gone by though, I’ve found that having access to information that I find useful is difficult. More and more, I’m relying on others to curate that information for me. I am also finding that increasingly, I am emailed or asked for information on a particular topic or on how I approach a problem, which leads me to believe that others are having the same difficulty. There’s lots of info out there, but everyone is having difficulty parsing it, and thus everyone is asking others for their filtered views. Not really different than how people have always acted — Zagat always had listings and ratings of restaurants but people still asked their trusted friends and family for suggestions.

So I figured I would start writing again. I find it cathartic too – I always enjoyed it and found it helped me think through more of my ideas by putting keystrokes to digital paper.

I’m going to try to write daily. This isn’t a new years resolution – I don’t really do those and I’ll write about my approach to continuous improvements later, but this is more of an experiment. To see if it helps unblock some of the creativity, passions, and thoughts I’ve been mulling over the past years. I’ll look back periodically and see what I should change, what I should build upon, or what I should stop.

As always, thoughts and suggestions are welcome! Do you write? What is your motivation? If you wish you were writing more, what do you feel is stopping you?


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