Kuutchi Kuutchi Coo…

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GujuratiBoy so this is maybe a bit morbid to say, but I think that maybe the rest of India needs a few minor (non-fatal) earthquakes… Kuutch and Gujarat in general, is super developed and parts actually look like it could be parts of California or Europe. check how developed the roads are. Great infrasture – they’ve even had enough investment, that many of the villages have electricity and water running to them.

we went to this one village which seemed more real than the ones in Rajasthan. In these ones, the people in the village actually seemed to be occupying themselves with daily work rather than just waiting around waiting for tourists to come around.  It was cool to see the kids playing around and the adults joking and laughing. 

I just finished checking out the old rajput palace in Bhuj – someone has got to make a horror movie here! the palace has been derelict since the earthquakes in 2001 when the roof was damaged. So now the whole place is full of pigeons and rats and cobwebs – all the old furniture and wall hangings are crumbling and have been eaten at by crows. there was even an old stuffed hippo head that had it’s tongue half eaten.(read the sign…)

FoundationSign   GlassLion    BhujMainHall


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