Guju land

To get between some of the cities, its quicker to take a bus rather than a train. But after taking the buses in Rajasthan though, I was a little worried and wasn’t in the mood to fight with three other guys to get a bed. but guju land has got this covered too… the sleeper buses here are great. They are totally state of the art – just like in Rajasthan, there are seats on the bottom and a single bed on the top. but these buses had only has an opening on end, and then close the door or curtain so you’re completely enclosed in your own little cubby hole. plus they are super clean (maybe i got lucky and this was a new bus or something) – these buses have definitely got to come Canada – I would use them all the time over flying between places like toronto and montreal.

btw – the the food in Gujarat has got to be the best food anywhere in India. Its the only food that I have any real familiarity with – especially in the Kathiawad area. it was like every one of my aunt’s made their best dishes and put them on the menu – i had completely forgot about half of these foods! i felt like i was five years old … kitchri, khadi, chundo, dhokra, mango raas, puris, shrikand… man i’m making myself hungry…

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