Fix Corrupted Time Machine Backups

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Time Machine Verification Error

If you find these instructions valuable, please provide some feedback and/or comments so that I can feel good about myself 🙂 This past couple months have been a time of experimenting and cleaning up household ‘tech debt’. I’ve had a couple of old laptops that had had met untimely deaths and still needed to have … Read More

MWC 2012 – Lookback at 2011

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I’m looking forward to MWC 2012 this year – the excitement has being growing insanely for the past couple years, and it feels like 2001 again when the last mobile wave swept the industry. This year, it is going to go from strength to strength from last year. Before going in, I thought it would … Read More

The Mobile world is still changing

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I sometimes like to gloat when I find out that I’m right, but I’ve learned after almost 15 years in the mobile business, that it’s not wise to do so with technology.  Early last year in 2010, I was in a meeting where we were debating Apple iPhone and their dominance, or rather their potential … Read More

External DVD Writer – Build vs Buy?

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I’ve been on the hunt to get an external DVD burner for my machines. The problem: I got one PC running Windows 2000 , one Mac running OS X Panther (10.3.9) and another machine which I’m running Linux DSL on. but I only wanted to buy one burner and i’ve been trying to scrounge on … Read More