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Well here’s our  4  6 month plan…  1  3 months down, only 3 months left to go. We are still trying to figure out India (Kerala? Bhuj? Where else??), Tunisia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos… We are stopping in each, but no plans yet!! Tips and Tricks welcome!

MWC 2014 Recap

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Following are my notes from MWC 2014 Overall, it was pretty underwhelming as a conference. There were a few interesting standouts, but in general it was more of the same — fortunately, we were part of one of the most exciting events, Samsung’s Unpacked Event for the S5 – which technically was not part of … Read More

MWC2012: Mobile Payments

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Well we had an interesting experience using Paypal and RedLaser at the congress today. We were given the option of saving 1 Euro and skipping the line up for lunch if we purchased via our mobile using Paypal and RedLaser – to give some context, the meal is normally about 18 Euros, so this would … Read More

MWC 2012 – Lookback at 2011

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I’m looking forward to MWC 2012 this year – the excitement has being growing insanely for the past couple years, and it feels like 2001 again when the last mobile wave swept the industry. This year, it is going to go from strength to strength from last year. Before going in, I thought it would … Read More

MWC 2011 Observations

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Following are some of my high level observations from Mobile World Congress 2011 Overall, the conference was incredibly large. I have not been for 2 years, but this year it seemed a bit overwhelming with a record number of attendees – an indicator of the amount of money that is flooding into Mobile currently. There … Read More