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Well here’s our  4  6 month plan…  1  3 months down, only 3 months left to go.

We are still trying to figure out India (Kerala? Bhuj? Where else??), Tunisia, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos… We are stopping in each, but no plans yet!! Tips and Tricks welcome!

    • Current plan:
      Land in Delhi on Nov. 23
      Depart from Chennai on Jan 4

      No idea of between yet! Thinking: Golden triangle/Rajasthan for the first week. Gujarat for the 4-5 days. Bombay for X-Mas and new years?
      Also want to do Kerala, Munnar, and Pondicherry (mostly so that I can sing Pon the replay)…
      Lots of gaps in there still and will plan based on tips…

    • Definitely want to go to Kerala! Everyone is saying to do it, but we have no idea where to even start or who to speak to yet…

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