Look now!

Lucknow I’m looking, i’m looking – yup, Lucknow is definitely worth seeing…. this city is really modern by indian standards – super clean, green parks everywhere, great food. the city has enough money that they even have road reflectors on the streets! makes everyone stay in their lanes (which is unheard of in other parts of India.). Plus since there aren’t that many tourists, there are no hassles while walking around.

the old Nawab palaces in Lucknow are really interesting with different architecture than the typical mughal stuff – this one even had a labrynth in it which you could get lost in. But the best part about lucknow was the food! wow – kakori kababs (minced lamb, which literally does melt in your mouth), nihari, biriyani, and to top it off, ice cream and falooda everywhere. Even went to a ‘top end’ restaurant for the Indian middle class where they had a life gazaal band. ok – i gotta go cause i’m making myself hungry…

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