Cost of Living

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man – i just took a look at a recent Mercer report about the cost of living across of the world. Toronto is about 20% cheaper than NYC and more than 30% cheaper than London. and although everyone keeps saying that there is a difference in costs, there isn’t that much difference in the … Read More

BA is gonna kick ACs butt…

Categories: Exploring the World, World News Hopefully this means that the overall quality of flights will increase as well. I’ve flown BA between London and Toronto and also between London and San Francisco (and other american cities) – BA flights to the US are way better than those to Canada. I couldn’t figure out why, but a friend of mine … Read More

An Inconvenient Truth

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so i had to post this. the idea that Al Gore had put together a movie which is basically just clips of him travelling the world giving powerpoint presentations about global warming – or as he calls it, the climate crisis, had me a bit skeptical – my friend was putting together the Canadian premier … Read More

not a happy camper…

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i just got home and wanted to listen to some music before hitting the sack. the first choice – warren G, regulate – so i opened the case and the cd wasn’t there… ok, stayed calm, and picked another one – Maxwell, urban hang suite… openned the case, and the same thing! cd was missing… … Read More

My new hero!!

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Rahim Jiwani is my new hero – if you want to know why – email him and ask him about Butternut Squash soup…

Someone Bail me out

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So i’ve got distressing news – I was arrested today… I got caught for j-walking, and since i didn’t have my ID, i was taken in to the station where they fingerprinted me, and found some outstanding items from university days and so now they’ve taken my mug shots. I’m still here since i was … Read More

Liar, liar pants on fire…

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This is too funny.. some company in the UK claims that that Brits are a bunch of liars… explains why everything is so difficult over there. Everyone knows that everyone else is lying! Here’s an article at the Register about it. Not so sure how valid the ‘conning a security guard’ part is… does figuring … Read More

It has begun

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I’ve received 12 spam comments today. Each for either home loans or debt consolidation services. Perhaps the solution is not to prevent the spam, but to educate the fools who actually use the services flogged through spam. If people didn’t use the services, the value of spam would decrease… I still want to know who … Read More