Day5_Pinnacle I never have my camera when I need it! As part of our climb today, we had to rock climb up the side of a cliff to get to some temple caves, with images of Shiva, carved into the side of the mountain.  So while I was on one of the scariest parts (i’m afraid of heights) where we barely had enough room for each foot, the strap for my camera bag ripped and it went tumbling down over 200 ft.  As soon as I felt it slip away from me, I turned back to look as it sailed down with the strap dangling from the end, bouncing off the boulders almost hitting a monkey – and the thought that was going though my mind: that would make a great slow-mo video… if only the vid camera wasn’t in the bag…  One of our guides climbed down and retrieved the bag, but the cameras were totally shattered – i haven’t checked the cards or tapes yet.  I hope Shiva appreciates my offering and rewards me plenty in the new year