Re: Hike4Life Day 4

Categories: Exploring the World, India

I woke up this morning and was dying!  Every muscle was killing me when I got up … including ones I didn’t know I had… 

Our hike today was supposed to be a ‘easy’, flat hike… i think ‘flat’ might mean something different in this part of the world.  We went up to about 2200 ft and back down to 1500 ft about three times… and making it worse is that our guide seemed to be making the route up as we went – he’d come to sheer rock cliffs and we’d have to tell him ‘uh… maybe you should find the trail?’… well after another gruelling day, we made it to our camp site for new year’s eve, which actually turned out to be a lot of fun.  A local group came and pefromed a show of their local customs which were cool as hell.  There were a bunch of girls that basically did yoga but using suspended ropes.  They would grab the bottom of the rope, somehow flip themselves up so that they were midway up – about 10 ft – and then execute a yoga pose like the lotus or something!  so they were dangling in mid-air with only a rope holding them up from a beam.  unreal.  and then these guys came out doing basically the same thing, but on a vertical wooden beam and with swords in their hands… it was too dark to take pictures but hopefully, the vid shots I took will come out.