i’m sitting in Udaipur watching octopussy – never seen the movie before (it is crap by the way), but this city is fixated with the fact that the movie was filmed here and so every night there are about 10 different restaurants showing the movie. basically you sit in a restaurant (the one we’re in is on the top floor and open air) and on one side of the floor there is a tv about the size of your fist (ok maybe i’m exagerating how small it is) and everyone in the restaurant just watches. cool enough – but you would think that one of them would think to put a big projector up or to get some serious sound systems in. kinda funny to be sitting watching a james bond flick while drinking a lassi and eating chicken tikka with nan. globalization is great…


other than the cheesy movie though, udaipur is the best town in Rajasthan – seaside resort town feel to it (although there is no sea and the lake is actually only there because some king figured out a way to trap the water from the monsoons), people are not as aggressive, and everyone is just chilling out – but not hippie like.  I decided to take a cooking class – you never know when you may need to know how to cook a good indian meal…

So the class was held by Mr. Shakti – he used to run his own restaurant and now has a small shop from which he runs all cooking related courses –  – from his shop, you go across the street to what i think was his house. you go up this narrow, bright yellow painted staircase leading to the top floor. he said he normally has 12 students but i don’t see how more than maybe 6 could sit comfortabely. the set up is ace though – with mirrors on the walls angled in the right spots so that everyone can see not only the cook but within the pots without actually having to peer over the food. The food was amazing (if i do say so myself) – although don’t ask me to replicate it… i think the key part was having him prepare the spices.

if you’re ever in udaipur – you gotta take the class – spice box. the rest of the days i was in udaipur, i kept comparing the food to mind – man, i’m like the king… no one can match me…;)

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