Top Tracks 2010

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So this year was a bit of out with the old, in with the new… and part of the Decade theme “bring back the fun” was started with consolidating media, tracks, and pics.  Much of it was spent nostalgic listening to old tracks reminiscing about years past… but even then, there were some notable tracks … Read More

Trust me

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This past week was a tough one at work… it’s well known now that we laid off about 4% of employees. I was actually pretty impressed with how well it was handled. The transparency, the consideration and support given, and overall reasoning was well explained and executed.  Regardless though, you know that those who were … Read More

The Lighter side of Fat

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I weighed my self a few days ago – and I’m down to 215lbs but my body fat percentage went up from 28% to 29%  — WTF?? So I’m losing weight but gaining fat?? or am I killing my muscle mass? This is usually around the point I get demotivated.  It’s  been 3 weeks that … Read More

Fat with a pH

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‘You’re in crisis!’ – that’s what my doctor told me… No excuses anymore I have to make changes to my diet, lifestyle, and priorities. Maybe not to the same extent but I could relate to Jeff Garlin’s book: My Footprint – in his struggles with weight. It seems like I’ve always been combating weight too.  … Read More

Bumper Car Highways

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I just finished reading an article in Wired with Will Ferrell, taking stock of all the fantastical and imagined Jetson-like lifestyles we expected to be living by now. Will Farrell added in his commentary of what he wished had materialized by now with some amusing propositions such as automatic dog translators and underwater cities.  In the essence of … Read More

Top 25 Albums of the Naughts

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this was hard – the singles was hard to limit and this was hard to get to fill up 25… and most of the albums were from the first part of the decade…  but Alicia Keys and Jay-Z cap both ends. generally though as the decade went on, singles were the way to go … … Read More

Top songs of the Naughts…

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So as many of my friends know, I don’t really make my goals for the year until Navroz (March 21) of each year, and this year was a bit weird because the decade came to an end earlier, but I still decided to put out my best songs of the past decade out now instead … Read More