There is a period of time, after the departure of a family member, whether it is temporary or permanent, where you feel an emptiness. So many different emotions: regret of not spending more time, the quietness of not hearing their voices and laughter, the loss of not having someone to just talk to about little every day things.

This past week was fun with family visiting. And now that they have left, that void has reared itself. The rush of sadness, of moping, of melancholy. I curl up in bed and try to ignore it, but then debate myself that perhaps it is better to embrace it and plunge into the mixed emotions and maybe even shed some tears.

Over time, it will go away. Each time, it will get easier and easier. But a part of me doesn’t want it to get easier. That part of me wants to not have to feel that void ever, and to remove the reasons for it. For those far away family and friends to be nearby, and to share all our memories as we all grow old and experience life together.

But… well, you know…

snow… 😀

TTC in Toronto Snow

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