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The entire time we’ve been in Uganda so far, we’ve been trying to find out where Kamuli and Mbulamuti are (yeah, imagine trying to say those without even knowing how they are spelt…) – our families used to live there before Idi kicked them out in 70s, but everyone here has been telling us there … Read More

Bring on the Nile

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we went white water rafting on the Nile today. We took on three class V rapids and number of class IV and class III ones. We even flipped a couple of times, but more because our guide let us flip on purpose! Our guide was Uganda’s kayaking olympian in Sydney, so having no fear, was … Read More


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wow! this city is awesome! unlike anywhere else in east africa, you can actually walk about the streets here without worrying about being mugged or killed.

Book Review: Baby Khaki’s Wings

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Baby Khaki’s Wings: **** (four stars) This turned out to be the best book to read while out here. It a collection of short stories which take place in various East African and Canadian cities and are very Ismaili centric (specifically Ismailis from East Africa) – many of the stories I could relate to – … Read More