LetMeSleep and smiled at the rising sun… man, did we score a bargain! We got to Jaisalmar last night at about 10pm and went to meet up with another friend who was staying at Shahi Palace hotel. They had no available rooms and since we were too lazy to search for other hotels, we asked about the roof. So for 50 rupees ($1.50 Canadian), the owner let us sleep in the rooftop garden patio – he gave us some blankets and warned us that the restaurant opens at 6am then let us be. We went to sleep with the backdrop of the Jaisalmar Golden Fort only about a 100 meters behind us – talk about a deal!

Jaisalmer is a must see city – at least for a day. the old city has an old middle age feel to it – small winding roads, great people, and not many tourists – and maybe my standards are dropping, but I just had one of the best Italian meals I’ve ever had. The Little Italy Restaurant in Jaisalmer is amazing – some Indian guy married an Italian girl and they opened the restaurant together. phenomenal – but if there is one thing that you have to do, it is to get a mixed fruit lassi at Top Deck Restaurant is the best lassi so far. incredible – you can even taste the grapes. liked it so much we each had two – this one is a new best lassi on the tour so far!