i’ll kill you!

Don’t go to the Jaipur Inn in Jaipur!!! unless of course you want to get beat up… i went there a couple of days ago: here’s how the conversation went – btw, it was 1am in the morning when it happened.

Me: Hi – I have a a reservation
Owner: We only have a room for RS 750
Me:I had confirmed a room for RS 350 only 2 hours ago and you said no problem
Owner:I don’t have anymore. I thought I did but I don’t – take the 750 room
Me: can’t afford it – can you make it cheaper?
Owner: nope – too bad for you
Me: ?? but why did you confirm it? do you even have rooms for 350?
Owner: nope
Me: well – that’s sucks – now i’m stuck without a room
Owner: that’s your problem – I get lots of people here, so i dont’ need to give it to you
Me: that’s shitty service
Owner:oh well – want to tell someone about it? maybe you should write to Lonely Planet
Me: yeah, I think I might do that
Owner: well let me write a note for you (at this point the jackass starts writing a note) – don’t worry, Lonely Planet loves me (what the hell does that mean???)
Me:whatever (i pick up my bags and start walking out)
Owner: What’s wrong – you scared? come back and take the notee – come back! come in here! you want a room? i can put you in one! I can kill you! I can put you in a box! come back! (he’s walking behind me yelling in my ear as I walk out)

At this point the rickshaw driver had to save me and get me out of there… apparently a lot of tourists have similar problems. Who would stay at this place??? I’d be worried that if you pissed the guy off, he’d break in your room and beat the hell out of you. The rikshaw driver took me to another hotel where he and the owner of the new hotel were discussing the jaipur inn guy in hindi (they didn’t know i could understand) and they were saying to take precautions that the jaipur inn guy doesn’t come after me on the street and that he’s a crazy man, etc, etc. There were a couple of spanish guys at the hotel that had problems at Jaipur Inn also. Not sure how the Lonely Planet can have this place listed – if anything it should be listed as a plce to avoid

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  1. hahaha – i was there at midnight and it was pitched dark out. I think it was the only time I actually felt threatened in India. Did you get to try the lassi’s in Jaipur?

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