Book Review: Steve Jobs – 3***

Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had to force myself to finish this… parts were really interesting like the early stuff, but if you’ve been in the tech space for more than just the past 10 – 15 years, you would have known a lot of it already. The style seemed to just go on and on… he rants, he cries, he pouts, he rants more, he cries more, etc. but the book did a poor job of conveying what made him actually make people follow him. He was able to get some of the most successful people in the world to follow his lead or do his bidding, and other than showing that he was a bit of a sociopath, the book did not give any insight into how he did that. Was he charming? Was he a great debater? what was it that made so many in his inner circle, love him? The book makes you think that if he was just a cold, arrogant prick who succeeded because he was just persistent in forcing his own way – which is obviously not true. If you don’t know much of the history of Jobs or Apple other than since he became super famous again around 2003, then I’d recommend it though.

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