Air Canada Sucks…

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I don’t get how Air Canada has been ranked as the best airline in North America – if anything, SkyTrax’s credibility needs to be questioned.

I’m on a flight from Toronto Pearson Airport to London Heathrow – talk about ghetto… The plane was a Airbus 330 Jet, which generally isn’t that bad, but Air Canada figured out a way to crap it out. I can’t believe that they still do not have in-seat entertainment for trans-atlantic flights – they still have overhead screens which could not be viewed from the majority of seats. I also don’t get the logic about the whole two-pin headphones – this must incur unnecessary costs – they have to throw away every set from each flight – smart move. anyway, getting back to Air Canada and their crap service. Here’s what the meal comprised of :

  • a small chicken dish – one of the worst tasting meals I’ve ever had – worse than hospital food…
  • a small glass of water
  • and a small garden salad – i’ll admit that this was acceptable tasting

anyone else see anything wrong with this though?? This was a 7.5 hour flight and Air Canada considers this to be an acceptable meal?? This is like a food ration given out! where are the little extras that every other decent airline gives?? where is the bread roll? the cheese and crackers, the tiny chocolate? and what about the dessert?? They eventually did come around with a small dessert but hardly a normal serving.

To make matters worse – Air Canada’s customer service is crap as well – they attendants are rude, they seem to be incompetent, and in general make for a poor travel experience.

This flight was one of the worst I’ve ever had – if Air Canada wants to be a real world player – they gotta make the travel experience world class as well

  • The Problem wih Air Canada is that this company treats its employees like crap and this in effect trickles down to the customer. I have known many of its employees and not one has anything good to say about the management of this company. Air Canada hasnt quite figured out that the backbone of any business is its employees, and if they’re not happy it’s going to show. You would not believe the way this airline is run.

  • Air Canada is a piece of crap airline.
    The crew have nasty attitudes and nasty looks.
    I cant believe people take that kind of abuse as passengers. I had a bad experience with A/C and I ask everyone who has had bad experiences to write to Robert Milton, CEO and complaint until something is done to take those “barely finished high school crew members” out of business.
    I will celebrate when this piece of **** airline goes bankrupt

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