Overdue Bling: Technorati

Categories: How-to's, Tech Reviews, Technology

I’ve finally inserted the necessary code for Technorati on to my site – up until now i wanted to gain some data so that I can measure the value added by new Web2.0 apps. In short, the adding of Technorati was a pain.
First off, their site sucks – it looks like a screwed up layout for a mobile device or something. Not only is it ugly (they seemed to have gone for the google-esque minimilistic approach, but somehow messed it up), but the layout isn’t easy either.
After signing up, I opted go for the ‘Embed Claim’ to insert my website. That was easy enough – it gave me a simple piece of code to insert into my WordPress pages – although, the html that was supposed to appear, doesn’t.
I’ll leave it at the top of the page for now and see how it works before deciding to drop or move it. I’d like to use an alternative if possible, just don’t know what else is comparable.


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