Nuite Blanche

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Picture taken by Mute*

Just to prove that Toronto isn’t lackin in culture – the city pulled of one the coolest events ever yesterday – I’d have to say that it definitely ranks in the top 3 if not the absolute top event i’ve ever been to. Nuite Blanche just took over the downtown core yesterday and showed that the arts scene is alive and kicking check the pic on the right of the view from the CN Tower’s exhibit.


highlights of the night:

walking about stumbling upon friends and meeting people in different places.

Knit Cafe – yup a store just for knitting gear… Em, you’d love it! with the broad window frame, it was set up like a art show for people to just watch the happenings inside…

 mini movie theatres in within coin car wash
car wash
Pic by Steve’o




Crazy ass line ups on the street outside the Drake which had this coldplay-esque display outside

picture taken by William Self

sleep – performance art – freaky as hell – this person slept for 12 hours?? in public!!

picture taken by Basic Framework







Stonechild – this is a perfect example of art being able to educate – the name refers to a First Nation’s boy who was found frozen to death in Sasketchewan and after investigations, it came to light that he had been beaten and left to die by police officers – and this was recently!! i had no idea that things like this still happen in today’s day and age…

pic by Photoshap – great pics!


picture taken by canadanthony
electronic sky – i was really looking forward to this, but when we got there i couldn’t really figure it out. it wa basically a bunch of lights connected to motion detectors. when a person walks past one, the lights start lighting up by cascading down the in direction you’re walking. but we couldn’t really see the effect because it seemed that it was designed for a single person to be walking about. nonetheless it had a lot of hype surrounding it.








the coolest by far though was the Fog in Toronto exhibit by Fujiko Nakaya at the Philosopher’s Walk
picture taken by wvs

We didn’t get back home til after 7am! i hope they pull this off again next year!


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