Bumper Car Highways

Bumper Car versiertourI just finished reading an article in Wired with Will Ferrell, taking stock of all the fantastical and imagined Jetson-like lifestyles we expected to be living by now. Will Farrell added in his commentary of what he wished had materialized by now with some amusing propositions such as automatic dog translators and underwater cities.  In the essence of Walt Disney’s belief that ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ – I’m going to throw out my dream for the future:

Bumper Car Highways

Imagine how cool that would be. You’d be on the losing side of an argument to protest that the drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area are not sorely in need of one, with their inane drivers and snail-paced lanes. Entertain the thought that you could just smash through to shoot the gap without having to rely on a V-dub. You wouln’t need to flash your lights to get a sunday driver to switch out of the lane – you could just keep bumping them in the direction you want.  And everyone loves bumper cars so you wouldn’t have to worry about people flippin the bird.  To make it even more fun, they could pad the shouders up with bumpers too, so that you could slingshot along edges.  Imagine how much more enjoyable it would be to drive to work each day!

I’m hoping I see a bumper car highway soon. I’ll get one car for everyday driving, and another for party nights out… would save a lot of people from having to think about the drive home!

But now back to the present. I’m already dreading the Monday morning drive along the 101… no Bumper Car Highway yet, but Walt, I hope you’re right!

3 thoughts on “Bumper Car Highways

  1. I’m still waiting for time travel…
    But I’d take, the xray glasses and bumper car highway too…

  2. Lol – you’re a nut Rahim!

    I hope they invent xray glasses! I’ve been wanting those since I was a kid!

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