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so last week we were looking for a brunch place in the Bay area and were told it’s not that common which I thought was weird – In Toronto it’s all about brunch!  One friend with us was from NY and she said that contrary to what Sex and The City like to portray, NYC is more about breakfast that brunch… So it made me think why don’t more people know more about Toronto as being such a great place for brunch??

Despite what we think, Toronto (and Canada for that matter) ain’t that great at marketing itself to the outside world… (see ‘Why Mexican’s don’t Drink Molson‘ ) . We all hear about NY hot dogs (Toronto street meat is way better), or New york’s Littly Italy (hands down, Toronto wins again..) but since nowhere else is the clear leader in Brunch – I think Toronto should grab the title Brunch City.  Nearly every restaurant is starting to offer brunches and there are so many different areas and restaurants to go to – I love packing my weekends with brunches with friends.  Here’s my top 5.

1. School Bakery School Bakery (Liberty Village, Toronto 416 588 0005) – Service is great – they came around and gave coffees to everyone waiting in line last time were there… try the Toasted Coconut Pancakes. I’m not a fan of coconut, but this was phenomenal…
2.  MoRoCo Chocolat (99 Yorkville Avenue, 416.961.2202) ok, to be honest – I hated the staff here the first time I went – they argued to charge me $14 for 2 Americanos which was $3 on their menu, claiming that they hadn’t had time to change their menus yet. Like that would be my problem…  Fortunately, I tried it a second time – primarily because of their banana pancakes with the dark rum sauce…
3. Hello Toast (993 Queen St. East – 416-469-8222) – the atmosphere here is more my kinda place – low key kitsh… steady classic menu too – best eggs benny around…
4. Saving Grace (907 Dundas Street West (416) 703-7368) – Food wise, this is by far my favourite… but I hate that I have to be there before 11 otherwise you end up waiting forever to get a seat (I think they can only seat around 20 people total anyway…) – Having Turkey sausage on the menu is always a plus

5. Creperie La Brehandaise (942 Queen St West  416.917.4740) – I’ve raved about this one before – a little touch of France right in the T-dot.

just my top 5 – lots more in Brunch City! I’m always looking for more recommendations though. Let me know them!

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