What’s with the Mo?

So why did I join Movember this year? For the past couple years, as winter has started to set in, I’ve watched as fellow gents not only adorn winter jackets and wool caps, but also well groomed whiskers, transforming into alter-characters in an attempt to raise awareness for prostate cancer. It has grown to be almost a national phenomenon across Canada to the point that I felt compelled to find out more about this ailment which luckily has not affected anyone directly related to me, but has hit in recent years, within 2 degrees.

I’ve actually learned a lot – I never really knew much about prostate cancer, other than that the exam is not something to look forward to… but joining Movember has given me hope that I may never need to get that exam. I always thought that the rectal exam was the only way to detect Prostate cancer, and that you had to get the finger test every couple years from the age of 40. I learned some worrying facts, such as prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American Men, and that by 80 most men will get it.

But now I’ve learned some facts that can make you hopeful. Learned about the PSA test and that in general you don’t need to start testing until you’re 50. I did find some great Cancer Fighting Foods, which I’m going to have to start including in my cooking, and I found out that we’re apparently pretty close to a finding a cure. And if you’re skeptical, like I am of many charities, I found some info of how affective #Movember is – pretty impressive. So I’m glad I jumped on board this year to, as @shamj says — ‘help men prevent getting a finger up their butt’. Although I’m not sure if my friends and colleagues necessarily appreciate my new facial growth.

If you want to donate, here’s my page. But more importantly, learn more about the disease and help raise awareness. More Info on Prostate Cancer

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