TIFF 2006 Movie: Saraphim Falls

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Rating: 3/10

movieposterThis movie sucked – first I wasn’t expecting much to begin with since my friend had told me that
Saraphim Falls it was a slow movie about two cowboys in the early part of the century – i imagined a brokeback knockoff and wasn’t expecting too much. It stared Pierce Bronson and Liam Neeson but in spite of them, the movie was bad… It actually started off pretty good – lots of action and suspense, although Bronson’s character was a bit too MacGyver like – even had some better tricks – but the movie eventually just dragged on. Neeson’s character is seeking revenge against Bronson’s but it takes forever to find out why and then it dragged out even longer to see how it wraps up, taking you through wacko scenes where you’re not sure if the characters are hallucinating or what, and then at the end the finish made it seem like the entire ordeal was pointless. This movie was a waste of time as far as i’m concerned… don’t bother…

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