Series of un-funk-tunate events

Categories: Maintenance

WAY back in Dec 2007, my site crashed and I had to take it down. I’m only getting around to actually putting up now (as part of my health theme for the year)

a number of events contributed to demise of the funkstop for the past nearly 2 years.

1. Somehow, the mysql tables for my wordpress installation corrupted themselves – all the tables for comments and posts somehow deleted themselves and consisted of a steady stream of blank spaces. Apparently, it is common for MySQL to this, but i haven’t been able to find any good posts about WordPress dealing with it
2. Unaware to me, my backup cron had stopped so I was stuck with only my monthly backups that I had.
3. A bunch of my DVDs with my monthly backups were thrown out by my cleaning lady (Yeah, i’ve let her go…)
4. After finally finding copies of backups that worked, I had put them aside for the past year, and now half of them are unreadable – perhaps due to storing them incorrectly? i dont think so though

So now latest copy of posts I’ve been able to extract is from Apr 2007 and the latest copy of comments i can extract is from Sept 2006. I’m pretty ashamed – I’ve been able to architect secure and redundant systems for my clients, but I didn’t even execute for myself…

Well, life took over for the past couple years, but i am now finally getting around to putting everything back on line. i’ll be upgrading, instituting a better backup plan, and slowly migrating my posts. i’ll also be reinvestigating different service providers, since my needs have changed. if you have suggestions or words of advice, feel free to post them.

(oh yeah – spam comments are still a pain in the a$$!)


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