Microsoft’s loss is Apple’s gain

Well since my Sony Vaio is toast right now and it is a sunday so I can’t get some of the items that I need to work on getting my data of the harddrive, I’ve pulled out my good old Powerbook and I’m wondering why I don’t use it more. With the whole push of Web2.0 (which I’m still on the sidelines of whether it is going to just be another bubble or not), one thing that is becoming less of a necessity is the need for the WinTel solution. More and more, the applications that i work with are open-source and collaborative using online services, making the only real need being a compatible browser.
The apps that I run locally tend to be media apps such as imaging apps, music apps, or movie editing apps – all of which the Mac kicks the PC at. The only thing I really need Windows for now, is for when I want to do some hardcore development, which I’d use my server for, and more and more likely, I’ll be moving that to Linux eventually anyway. Could this be the beginning of the end of Windows for me? Well I highly doubt that – I’m sure I’ll always have some need for it if not just for legacy purposes – I have incredible amounts of old documents and emails backed up! But if i could get a solution to that…

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