An Inconvenient Truth

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so i had to post this. the idea that Al Gore had put together a movie which is basically just clips of him travelling the world giving powerpoint presentations about global warming – or as he calls it, the climate crisis, had me a bit skeptical – my friend was putting together the Canadian premier of ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ and Al Gore was actually going to be there to field some questions, so I figured I couldn’t miss it.

i was definitely sold. the movie moved me and has made me more concerned abome pause for thought – i no longer view the so called ‘success’ of alberta and the boom that is being created there as a positive. we’re short selling our world – make money now but we’re going to kill ourselves in the very near term.

i was really surprised by Gore’s enthusiasm – just like everyone else, I saw him on TV during the 2000 elections, and that he was boring as hell – but he was really animated and passionate when talking about the global crisis. Although, he was a bit dull when answering some of the questions but that might have more to do with the some of the moron questions – i’m sure some of the people in attendance were draft dodgers…

Unfortunately, Canada isn’t really doing much to step up and be the leader that it wants to be known as as around the world. Instead, decisions are being made which shows that Canada is like everyone else in this matter and is willing to just follow the rest of the sheep. These comments are telling:

“They (Canada’s new federal government) were elected because of issues that had nothing to do with global warming and the climate crisis, and now they’re pretending to have a mandate to abandon Canada’s historic commitment to playing a leadership role in cleaning up the world’s environment.” I can’t believe that we’re actually going to try to throw away the Kyoto accord…

Everyone should watch this movie – not just because it gives a lot more concrete facts about the problem, but it is also optimistic in that Gore gives ways of how we can reverse the trend and save ourselves. Let’s hope that people listen and act. I know I’m going to start.

  • I’m definitely in agreement that everyone needs to see this movie, and not just because it furthers awareness, but because it inspires, and inspires action. It is unfortunate to realize that those that must see it the most are least inclined to seek it out.

    In any case, there is now a site, Share The Truth (, where anyone can visit and be paid to see An Inconvenient Truth in the theater. The site just launched but already transactions have started in the forum getting people out to the movies. If it seems compelling to you, feel free to let your readers know about it.

    Thank you!

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