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We went to go see Aladin a few days ago – a pretty good show, even though we received the tickets for free… I’m not sure if I would’ve paid the $49 that they normally ask. Actually, I’m positive, I would not… but I would pay $20-$25 for one. It’s worth it just to see Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart – too funny! to be truthful, i had a good laugh throughout the show – paying homage to British pantomimet, the cast was interacting with the crowd (a large number being loud and screaming children…). I doubt they understood half the jokes or references – in fact unless you grew up watching TV out here, you might not have got a lot of it – for example, the one guy who kept saying he was ‘steeped’ (Tim Horton’s commercial) or Ross Petty’s character Abu Nazir walking around doing his best Russell Oliver impressions… but regardless, there are parts that will have killing yourself laughing. If you get a chance, I recommend watching it.

The references to commercials and pop trends got me thinking about the impact that ads have. With everyone Tivo-ing or PVR-ing their shows, commercials are getting glossed over. Personally, i actually really like commercials! half my jokes are based around them and if tons of pop trends come out of them (you can’t forget the annoying ‘WAAASSSUUUP!!’ days) – annoying trends aside, a lot ads form half my jokes! made half my references go over the top of people’s heads while I was in London since they’d never seen half the commercials i’d seen. So I’ve decided to list some of the 80’s commercials that permeated into my jokes and everyday pop references…

Where’s the beef?? – i used this one all the time when I was in london since that was the height of the mad cow scares – did you know you still can’t eat beef off the bone there??

Do you know, Do you know, Do you know? – everyone was spike lee fan after this one…

Give it to Mikey, he’ll eat anything! – ok so this commercial says ‘he hates everything’ and then surprisingly he likes Life cereal – but there are loads of posts all over that remember the ‘he’ll eat anything’ version, so probably there was a second spoof version one out there. can’t find it though.

the hot, stay HOT and the cold stays COLD! you know george costanza (jason alexander) is trying to hide from this one…

HEE-hee -ok, so i don’t really use this one in everyday lingo, but i had to throw it in. yup, that’s Carlton from the Fresh Prince (and Silver Spoon!)

KEEP THE ADS! they’re half the fun!

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