I’ve received 12 spam comments today. Each for either home loans or debt consolidation services. Perhaps the solution is not to prevent the spam, but to educate the fools who actually use the services flogged through spam. If people didn’t use the services, the value of spam would decrease… I still want to know who the crazies that fall for the Nigerian bank scams are… hope it’s no one I know! Alternatively, we could all try Fred Wilson’s method to attack blog spammers.

Anyway, I’m now testing the WordPress Spam filter – let’s see how well it works. From what I understand, it stores the details of a spammer and then automatically rejects future comments from anyone with matching details. Without algorithms beyond basic heuristic , the spam filters will be pretty limited though.

Btw, if you’re looking on info on what the difference between Splogs and Link Spam is, here’s a wiki entry on it.