Google Base

Wow – Google is moving at light speed and jumping into yet another market and making yet another potential enemy with Ebay (see Wall Street Journal Article). I guess the idea behind this is to have everyone add their info into Google base, which will presumably feed into Froogle and Google Local. I’ve seen some of the work plans behind Ebay’s initial launch at it was not so simple as just having the data – the supporting technology and processes to facilitate online auctions is not trivial. If Google’s plan is to jump into the auction biz, they better be prepared to spend a lot of that war chest that they have – but if they can pull it off there is a huge potential pay-off – Ebay has been quiet lately, but is still growing incredibly. The link to the Google Base site is here – but it has been taken down for now.

Btw – take a look at Paul Kedrosky’s AYBABTU homage using the Google announcement.

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